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Tomatoes 2019

This is a list of tomatoes that was sent to us in late January by one of our growers. Some of these were grown in limited numbers and may already be sold out by the time we get our orders in. Inventory changes on a minute by minute basis in the spring. Tomatoes are first come first served, We are sorry but

we cannot hold vegetable or herb plants.



(Det) Determinate; Plants make little or no vines after fruit is set.

(Indet) Indeterminate; Vines produce new shoots and blossoms even after fruit set.

(A) Alternaria Fungus

(BW) Bacterial Wilt

(GLS) Gray Leaf Spot

(F1F2) Fusarium Wilt, races 1 & 2

(Ma) Root knot caused by Meloidogyne arenaria
(Mi) Root knot caused by Meloidogyne incognita
(Mj) Root knot caused by Meloidogyne javanica

(N) Nematodes

(St) Stemphyllium

(T) Tobacco Mosaic Virus

(TSWV) Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

(V) Verticillium Wilt




BEEFY BOY—VF1F2TSt (Indet- 70 days)

Hybrid with 12-16oz.meaty fruit bred for enhanced flavor.


BELLA ROSA—VF1F2NAS (Det-75 days)

Produces high yields of large, 10-12 oz, bright red tomatoes--round, firm, and highly flavorful with the perfect balance of acid and sugar.  Lousiana tomato trials ranked it at the top for productivity as well as large fruit size and great flavor.


BETTER BUSH—VF1N (Det- 68 days)

Big 4” fruits are tasty and meaty with extra sturdy stems and thick, deep green foliage; good in containers.

BHN444—VFFTSWV (Det-75 days)

An especially good variety for the South due to its high natural resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and the problems it causes.  Firm, bright red, globe-shaped fruit has smooth exteriors and averages 8-10 oz.  So far, it is the only virus resistant hybrid which has been extremely productive as well as resistant to TSWV.  Also marketed as ‘Healthy Surprise’ because it is a healthy plant, is healthy for you and will surprise you with how productive it is!


BIG BEEF—VF1F2NTASt (Indet- 73 days)

Rich, old-fashioned flavor & excellent disease resistance.  The large, smooth, globe-shaped fruits average 9-16oz. and are great for slicing, salads or cooking A very prolific producer and a favorite along the Gulf Coast.


BIG BUNCH—VF1F2NTSt  (Indet-75days)

Gourmet flavor, cluster tomatoes, large size fruit and super disease resistance; that’s what you get with this variety! Each cluster contains 3 to 4 giant 10-ounce globes, perfectly red, firm and meaty, and packed with juicy flavor with the perfect sweet to acid ratio. These are so tasty you’ll be tempted to eat them right off the vine!  An excellent variety for canning as well as eating fresh or cooked.



This prolific Russian variety bears long clusters of 2 in. mahogany colored fruit with green shoulders. Produces large clusters of sweet and juicy fruit.f



1885 Amish variety with large 1 lb. Pink-red fruit and rich flavor. Potato leaved foliage.


BUSH EARLY GIRL—VF1F2NT  (Det-54 days)

Perfect for large patio pots, growing only 18 in. tall, this plant produces tasty red fruits measuring almost 4 in. across.  Higher-yielding and earlier than most compact varieties; these large red fruits have excellent flavor.



Exceptionally fine flavor; disease resistant hybrid with medium sized, meaty fruit. French variety.  One of the heaviest producers ever bred.


CELEBRITY—VF1F2NTA (Det- 70 days)

Outstanding performer with excellent quality 7-8 oz. fruit.


CHAMPION—VF1NT (Indet- 65 days)

Great sandwich tomato; solid and meaty. Medium large fruits are earlier than Better Boy.



A reliable producer of juicy, dark pink fruit with purple shoulders that appear almost brown in color, and average 8 to 12 oz., apiece. Fruits are round to oblate, with no cracking. Exhibits tolerance to mild drought as well as to common diseases.  Sweet with just the right amount of acidity.


CHOCOLATE  CHERRY—(Indet-70 days)

These 1-inch, thin skinned beauties appear in clusters of 8, ripening from  green to lavender to deep mahogany and boast the most flavorful tomato tang no store-bought variety can equal.  So delicious you’ll find yourself eating them right off the vine.  Truly a tomato-lovers dream come true!


EARLY GOLIATH—VF1F2NTASt (Indet- 58 days)

Very early with 8oz. sweet, red, globe shaped fruits. Very disease resistant with continuous production.


JULIETTE --(Indet- 60 days)

Elongated red cherry tomatoes in clusters like grapes; sweet fruits. Resistant to late blight and leaf spot.


MATER SANDWICH—(Indet-75 days)

Prolific producer of giant 10-16 oz., slightly flattened, deep red tomatoes that are juicy yet meaty.  One slice is all you need for a sandwich! 

You will definitely need to stake these plants to support the heavy fruit;  additional individual support may be needed to let each fruit reach their full size.


MATT’S WILD CHERRY--(Indet- 60 days)

Wild variety produces deep red, extremely sweet 5/8” – ¾” fruit on meandering vines rarely bothered by diseases. From Hidalgo, Mex.



This antique Russian variety produces slightly flattened, 4 in., deep maroon, beefsteak-type fruits that are free of most blemishes and cracking.  The complex flavor is sweet yet tangy, with the distinctive flavor common to black tomatoes and the perfect acid/sweet balance.



These tall plants yield amazing quantities of rosy pink fruit the size of ping pong balls.  Fruit is delicious, sweet and juicy, bursting with flavor and is very crack resistant.  An excellent keeper after harvest.


RAPUNZEL—(Indet-72 days)

Hard to believe, but this extremely productive variety produces trusses over 20 in. long, each bearing at least 40 super-sweet, cherry type fruit.  The fruit ripens in a very tight window, allowing harvesting of entire trusses of fruit at one time.


RED GRAPE--(Indet-60 days)

Bright red, oval fruit, 1/3 oz. each in long clusters of 200 or more fruit. Very sweet, firm & meaty with few seeds. Vigorous, crack resistant. Outstanding shelf life.



Slightly later than Roma.  Superb flavor, slightly rectangular-shaped fruits, 3-1/2" x 1-1/2", that are bright red and hang in large clusters. Holds well on the vine and in storage. Extra meaty texture is perfect for canning.


SUGARY--(Semi-Det- 85 days)

2005 AAS winner. Tiny red oval fruit have pointed ends. Very sweet.


SUN GOLD--(Indet- 57 days)

Very sweet orange cherry tomatoes in long clusters on tall, vigorous plants; flavor is sweet and fruity.


SUPER FANTASTIC—VF1N (Indet.--70 days)

Heavy yields of delicious, beefsteak-type tomatoes that are solid and meaty with smooth skinned, 10 oz. fruit.   The very vigorous plants need caging.                                              


SWEET CHELSEA—VF1NT (Indet- 67 days)

15-20 large cherry sized tomatoes per cluster; very sweet.

SWEET MILLION –F1NT (Indet- 65 days)

Extra-long chains of 1” dark red fruit. Improved Sweet 100 with better

disease resistance and tolerance to cracking. Same wonderful flavor.


VIVA ITALIA—VF1F2NASt (Det- 72 days)

The first, and best, hybrid Italian paste type!  Classic pear-shaped fruit with sweet flesh. Exceptionally high yielder. Earlier and more disease resistance than other paste types


YELLOW PEARHEIRLOOM--VF1F2  (Indet- 78 days)

Miniature pear-shaped tomatoes have a unique, mild sweetness; tall plants bear late but heavily.

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