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All of your gardening supplies

The Growers Outlet has a garden shop that carries everything you need to solve any of your gardening problems.





We have been selling two of the finest chemical fertilizer products in the area for over 15 years.

For gardening, it is the line of Nelson's plant foods. For lawn and garden is the wide range of

fertilizer products from Nitro Phos, including the outstanding Nitro Phos Super Turf lawn fertilizer.

They are a Houston company that has been in business for over 30 years.


Organic Fertilizers


We are a distributor for organic products from San Jacinto Environmental Sales, the makers of the great line of Microlife Fertilizer products. Two of our favorites are the Microlife 6-2-4 all purpose organic fertilizer and the liquid Ocean Harvest which will almost bring plants back from the dead. Also we carry organic fertilizers from Soil Menders like the Yum Yum mix, one of the best organic dry plant foods we have evr seen.


Chemical Pest Solutions


At the Growers Outlet you will not find an 80 foot long wall of chemicals that will totally confuse you. Instead, what you will find is a complete line of value priced solutions for control of insect and disease problems that have been used effectively by us at the Growers Outlet. If you can't figure out what you need we can surely help you pick out the correct product saving you time and money.



Soil Products



We have been selling the outstanding mulches and soil products with confidence from Landscapers Pride for almost 20 years. We have been offered cheaper products but considering we have never had problems with the LP products it was foolish to take the chance and change. We also carry potting soils manufactured by Jungle Growth, Baccto, Miracle Grow, and Lady Bug Natural. One of our favorite soil products is from Natures Way Resources. Their leaf mold compost is an amazing product that will improve soil health in both your lawn and garden.



Tools and Supplies

If you need a pair of gloves or a garden trowel we can help you with that as well. We carry growers pots, seeds, moisture meters, and a line of Corona Plant pruning tools, as well as an assortment of other products you may need for the perfect garden.

Chemical Fertilizers
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